Mobile development

Cross-platform mobile development

We develop beautiful and performant mobile apps for iOS and Android. We use flexible frameworks like Flutter or React Native that prevent the need of creating separate projects for different operating systems and significantly speed up development.

Business goals

Achieve your business goals with mobile app development

Combine business objectives, and technological solutions in a smart way to achieve better result

Expand your distribution
1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. Sell more with convenience, ease, and immediacy
Increase brand exposure
Apps account for over 90% of online time on smartphones. Be where your customers are
Build engagement and loyalty
Send out a relevant marketing messages and use push notifications to increase retention

Discover what our apps can do

Geolocation - integration with maps
Use GPS, compass and gyroscope
Use push notifications
Have offline support
Use camera (QR codes, barcodes, receipts scanning)
Communicate with external API
Provide mobile payments (Paypal, Stripe, PayU, Dotpay etc.)
Use iBeacon technology
Integrate with social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)
Provide chat between users
Be integrated with analytics services and crash reports
Be up to date with the latest OS versions and devices

Make an app that attracts and retains user attention

We use best practices and the most satisfactory technologies to speed up the app development and provide the best possible experience to your users – get the immaculate mechanism. Get well-crafted system architecture and bulletproof code quality

Fast development

You get a universal set of UI building blocks that you can put together using a clear layered architecture. In addition, Hot Reload allows you to experiment freely, add features, and quickly remove errors, which is perfect for your MVP.

Flexible UI

The widgets are adaptable and make your user interface flexible so that you can reuse the modules and entire sets of components in different layout configurations. We also offer the possibility of real-time UI iteration, which enables flexible adaptation.


Build apps that can run on cross device platforms like iOS and Android. This enables fast development time, so you can market your application even faster and reach more users in less time.

Hot Reload

With Hot Reload, you can see every change you make immediately in the app. Every function or correction is applied extremely quick. This makes a big difference for mobile developers because instant feedback makes programming faster and more precise.

Great speed

Light weight, faster installation process, great performance in poor network conditions and great loading times.


Flutter to reach both iOS and Android users

Flutter is Google's UI toolkit for crafting beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile - the SDK uses a C ++ rendering engine and is based on the Dart programming language. Architecture is based on reactive programming, i.e. it is asynchronous, with data streams and the spread of changes. This makes the application responsive and gives the user perfect usability


We combine bulletproof code with efficient software development processes to deliver results that meet both your expectations and the expectations of your customers. We build products in short cycles to rapidly deliver business value


Our process lets us seamlessly work with device functionality and easily integrate platform-specific features to deliver positive user experiences. With best practices and our own unique vision, we create interfaces that not only catch your users’ attention but also solve their challenges

Picking the right tool for the job


React Native




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