Simple and easy flight booking for everybody

Clutter-free interface. Booking is a pleasure now. Only the features that you need.

The challenge

The biggest challenges of this project are dynamically changing market, customer expectations and time saving.

Users are looking for quick, hassle-free mobile solutions for their needs.

The Challenge was to empower the hassle-free booking flow for the users while creating a flight booking process that will meet the expectations of all age groups.

Business opportunity

About 98% of sold tickets are purchased online. The market still lacks an efficient solution for booking apps that help to go harmless and throughout the whole process, and leave the cluttered screens behind.

Project summary

Develop a mobile solution for quick and pleasantflight booking, clutter-free. Using this app, customers would be able to purchase a flight ticket in a minimum required steps. The solution doesn't require customers to be logged-in or registered. We had to build a solution for a flight booking app with minimum steps in the user flow.


Efficient UX for users who appreciate the simplicity

Efficient selected research methods helped to clarify the biggest pain points and roadblocks that customers meet when booking flights.

Successful competitive benchmark of best-in-class competitors mapped out the way to improve the user experience in our brand product.


Time is money

We created a clear interface that helps users find suitable flights In affordable prices with less effort. To achieve that, we reduced the steps and number of taps to minimum. Optional services can be skipped in one tap, the unwanted addons do not bother the user anymore.


Completed booking process possible in

less than 1 minute


We kept in mind that the process must be smooth and quick without any necessary moves. To provide complex experience we developed the following facilities that helped to improve the flow and optimized them to minimum effort in use:

No need to register

This business decisions brought satisfying results

more positive feedback

higher conversion rate

more completed bookings

faster process, taps reduces by

Payment walkthrough

One tap payment after saving a card

Atofocus and automatic switch after entering data

Scan card option



We created a mobile solution that is clutter-free and the steps to complete the purchase are reduced to minimum. Overall, it reduces the time spent by customers on booking a flight from 3 to 1 minute. We managed to build an easy user flow, allowing customers to completed a purchase with a few clicks.


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